The Transom was designed for the Fatboy DP and (works on the Fatback 7.5 as well).  We needed a removable transom for the boat because its double-ended design did not include one initially.  The DP is a great poling marsh boat that is easy to hide.  A transom makes a boat harder to hide in skinny cover due to its vertical presentation.  Our attachment system allows for quick and easy removal in the case of a tough hide.

The transom has 6 holes.  It can be used with the upright towards the stern for use with an outboard or trolling motor.  It can also be turned around for use with a mud motor, which brings more weight forward to more evenly balance the boat.  This is the preferred method for most mud motors. Anodized Aluminum Construction. The transom is rated for a 7.5 HP.