Snow Cover for Invisilab & Field House

You asked for it, so we built it.  New for this year the Invisilab snow cover is specifically designed for the MOmarsh Invisilab and Field House dog blinds.  This cover easily replaces the existing camo cover instead of sliding over it.  This makes the process that much more simple, as well as keeping your snow cover clean.  The snow cover is made of not UV brightening material and is equipped with vegetation straps for stubbling your blind.  Check out our MOmarsh snow cover to keep your pup hidden during those late winter hunts.

  • Snow Cover fits Invisilab & Field House
  • Hide in snowy conditions or use in a Snow Goose Spread
  • Easy installation, cover just replaces existing cover
  • Dual zippered doors
  • Vegetation straps
  • Non-uv brightening material