After years of selling the best layout seat on the market, we have made it even better. We added 6″ to one end. We beefed up the hinges to make it even stronger and more durable in wet conditions. We also added lashing straps to the back side so that it can be lashed to a crossbar or anything else you want to attach it to. But, still the great closed cell construction that won’t soak up water as always.
As we have said in the past, it is not a certified PFD, but it will float me in the pool with a cold one and could save your butt in a pinch one day! Adjusts to five positions from flat to 90 degrees. It will meet most of your needs in the field from deer to turkeys to waterfowl, or just floating down the creek with a cooler!

Dimensions- 42 long, 16 wide, 3 thick 6.5 pounds

fishing lounge2