The Invisichair is a revolutionary shallow water blind designed for hunting vertical cover like flooded corn, cattails, tules, fence lines, woody cover, levees and bullrush. It is lightweight and portable and allows you to be on the “X”. Whether it is a fence row in a dry field, a flooded corn field, or most anything in between- the adjustable legs will keep you high, dry and comfortable. It has a very small footprint from above and provides concealment in many situations where sitting on a bucket or swamp seat would fail. As importantly, the mesh top allows you to keep track of birds so that you know what call to make and when to get ready to shoot.At the moment of truth, simply release the kick out bar on the arm rest to allow the top to spring open for unobstructed shot which can be taken from a seated or standing position.

Invisichair in bullrush


  • Mobile, Portable
  • Quick set up and break down
  • Lightweight (23#)
  • Adjustable for water depths to 34″
  • Blind is adjustable for hunter size
  • Spring open top for unobstructed shooting
  • Mesh blind top for good visibility
  • Shoot while sitting or standing
  • Storage bags for dead ducks and gear.
  • Webbing straps for adding vegetation
  • Patent pending
  • Large “duck feet” that prevent legs from sinking into the mud fully.