Brushing blinds in the morning is a time consuming and repetitive task that can easily be avoided.  We at MOmarsh bring you Invisigrass Ultra and Invisigrass Original.  These are synthetic materials that have grass like properties, but are resistant to tearing & breaking.  Brush your blind once, and forget it for the whole season.  We offer different colors to match any type of surrounding.  Mix and match to find the perfect blend of cover.  Invisigrass works great for layout blinds, ground blinds, boats, pits, and anything else that you need to dissapear.  With the addition of some natural vegetation, this can make for a deadly combination



Invisigrass Ultra

  • Natural African Grass with Flame Retardant/Water Resistant treatment.
  • Resists rotting, mildew, and breakdown
  • Each bundle covers approximately 20 square feet.
  • Can be dyed with simple fabric dye to perfectly match any surrounding.
  • Mix and match colors for a deadly pattern.
  • Covers approximately 20 square feet
  • Available in Natural, Olive, & Timber
  • Large orders quoted on request.


  • The same great, durable fiber without the flame retardant, mildew and water resistant treatment.
  • Durable fibers that will resist breaking & tearing for years of cover
  • Apply with plastic ties in any amounts desired – great versatility
  • Each bundle covers approximately 20 square feet
  • Available Colors: Natural, Olive, Timber, & Winter Wheat
  • Large orders quoted on request.

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