Door System Blind

The Invisihide door system is the ultimate for concealment and comfort. There are 2 parts to a blind system, the doors (cockpit blind) and deck cover. After years of answering questions on how to best camouflage our boats, we came up with a design that is very hard to beat. Trust me, we have tried it all through the years. Designed for the hunter and dog to totally DISAPPEAR!

Invisihide door system

  • Doors swing open exposing the cockpit.
  • Separate area for dog behind the hunter, this keeps the dog safe and well hidden.
  • Grass straps are conveniently placed so that you can blend into the surroundings with natural cover.
  • Door systems will work for almost all boats in this class. Some minor alterations may need to be performed with some models. Contact us and we will advise you on what needs to be done. Door system includes frames, covers mounting kit and mounting instructions.

Invisihide Deck Cover

  • Completely covers the deck.
  • Sold separately from the Short Door System.
  • Grassing straps sewn in to add natural camoflage.
  • Door blind system attaches to the deck cover.


This pic is of the same boat with the invisihide door blind system. These are short doors that cover most of the cockpit while leaving a hole for the dog behind the gunner.
Here is a view of the boat with short doors and a deck cover on it. Note that the dog is in the dog area in this pic.